The TOP solution for growers & processors

TraceWeed allows you to effectively manage your full plant and product lifecycle, from cloning and growing to harvesting, processing, QA and shipping. TraceWeed’s PC and phone applications work together smoothly in a way that maps to your business needs. We even have special features built to get you up and running during your 15-day new-license window. All of this is built on our patent-pending TapNTrace technology, using off-the-shelf phones and a Windows PC, laptop or tablet. And, you’ll get hands-on support and attention from our Washington-based team.

TraceWeed is…

  • based in Washington.
  • developed with WA cannabis farmers.
  • designed to save you time.
  • equipped with full data retention (for easier business management).
  • synchronized with the State (to keep you in compliance).
  • smart badge secured – no hard-to-memorize passwords!
  • fast, intuitive, and easy to use!
  • built to work with an integrated, dynamic custom label designer!
  • available with a full support staff when needed!
  • adding new features to your service all the time – at no additional cost!

Phone App

Use the phone to manage all activity within your production or processing facility, using inexpensive NFC-enabled tags and our easy-to-use TraceWeed software App to keep track of your plants and other inventory in real time.

  • Tag plants to add them to the State database
  • Inspect any tagged item in your facility using your smartphone to get detailed information on it
  • Print tag labels directly from your phone using a Bluetooth-enabled printer
  • Establish a hierarchy of Parent/Child locations to help breakdown and manage your plants and inventory
  • Create and promote clones and seedlings
  • Move individual plants, or groups of plants, between locations. No need to scan every plant to move or harvest
  • Move material to waste or to quarantine and schedule for destruction
  • Schedule a harvest by location. TraceWeed will automatically create different harvests for every strain contained in the harvested location



Desktop App

Manage company details, vendor information, devices, and more with a simple yet powerful interface

  • Add or remove employees and manage their access levels
  • View detailed reports on harvests, plants, lots, and more, which can be exported to Excel
  • Manage harvests
  • Create and manage strains
  • Create, edit and receive manifests
  • Manage the QA process and Lot creation


Want a more detailed example? See the steps for creating clones with your phone.

Automated, Cloud-Based Traceability

Changes made with the phone or PC app will be automatically synced with your TraceWeed database, allowing you to quickly and easily manage your marijuana business

  • TraceWeed will automatically sync with the state traceability system as required by state regulations 
  • Access to the apps is allowed only through authorized devices and access cards


TapNTrace, at the heart of the TraceWeed system, is an extensible traceability solution developed to work with virtually any industry, with a particular focus on agriculture. Our solution uses modern smart phone technology, near field communication (NFC) tags  and automated, cloud-based reporting services.

Product Demonstration Video